Secure your financial future with MyBucks’ diverse range of deposit services. Whether you’re looking for fixed term deposits for competitive returns or flexible savings accounts, we have options designed to meet your savings and investment needs.

Secure Your Financial Future

Matebeto Fixed Term Deposit

The MyBucks Ordinary Vanilla Savings Account stands out as a truly genuine savings option with the added benefit of zero monthly service charges. Clients can enjoy the simplicity of saving without the worry of additional fees eating into their funds.

MyBucks Fixed Term Deposit

The Matebeto Fixed Term Deposit offers a unique advantage to clients by providing their interest upfront. This means that upon depositing funds into the fixed term account, clients receive the accrued interest immediately.

Re-occurring Fixed Term Deposit

With Re-occurring Fixed Term Deposit, effortlessly build savings over time. This service allows you to automate regular deposits, ensuring consistent growth towards your financial objectives.

MyBucks Ordinary Vanilla Savings Account

Opt for simplicity and flexibility with MyBucks Ordinary Vanilla Savings Account. Enjoy easy access to your funds while earning competitive interest, making it an ideal choice for those seeking straightforward savings.

Premier Savings Account

MyBucks Premier Savings Account offers exclusive benefits for premier savers. Enjoy higher interest rates, priority services, and additional perks designed for those who prioritize premium savings solutions.

Money Market Call Account

Experience dynamic savings with the Money Market Call Account. Benefit from instant access to your funds while earning competitive returns, making it an ideal choice for those who value liquidity and returns.